The Training

In the following months, I join the vibrant world of LQA. The weeks are filled with comprehensive training and one-to-one meetings to ensure every single detail is covered and once understood, repeated. The analytical tools are dissected, each function is explained meticulously. Precision, consistency and fairness are key and I am guided in the importance and understanding of emotional intelligence and its role within our industry. The foundation of our every move is integrity, transparency, respect, passion and commitment.
What impresses me most is meeting the other consultants. I feel humbled and privileged to be working among such a dynamic, skilled and experienced group of people. Everyone is so different yet all are driven towards one common goal; supporting hotels worldwide in benchmarking their service and helping them create memorable experiences for their guests.
In fact, I learn that annually the team spends over 6,000 nights in client hotels, visits 4,000 restaurants and inspects 1,500 spas. Each year, close to 35,000 service evaluations take place with more than one million employees across global hospitality brands. This makes LQA’s analytics platform the world’s most comprehensive databank for leading luxury hotels and brands. Fireworks go off in my brain; it’s incredible!

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