The Feedback

Meeting with the General Manager and his team is my favourite part of the assessment. I love meeting passionate people who are engaged, eager to hear feedback, excited to celebrate the successes of their colleagues and are ready to improve. I respect the wonderful people in our industry and feel privileged to have the opportunity to share my years of experience. I believe our contribution positively impacts the hotel and in turn the guests’ experience, to keep them coming back time and time again.
A weight lifted, the first part of my mission is complete and I leave the hotel. There is still a lot to do before sending through the final version of the report but I have a little spare time before my flight. I walk along the beautiful coast overlooking the ocean and come across a group of locals who are bravely taking turns to jump off a cliff into the clear water. The view is stunning. I am not sure how but they managed to convince me to take the jump too! After all, it’s nearly eleven o’clock and I need a little pick me up before lunch time; what better way to feel re-energized than an adrenaline rush. Here I am looking down the cliff and as I jump in I tell myself; another great day at work!

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