That evening Jim looked especially handsome

That evening Jim looked especially handsome in his tuxedo. We made our way to the stunning Côte D’Azur dining car which was opulently decorated with exquisite marquetry and Lalique glass panels of Bacchanalian maidens. We were transported to a bygone era of elegance and romance. The tables were extravagantly laid and we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner with exceptional service. When we arrived in Paris, we took the opportunity to have a photograph taken in front of the train to commemorate Jim’s first visit to the city. Back on the train we strolled to the luxurious Bar 3674 carriage for an after-dinner drink, enjoying the boisterous atmosphere as the pianist tickled the ivories and new acquaintances were made. The barman regaled us with tales of the famous Agatha Christie novel ‘Murder on the Orient-Express’ and his encounter with the actor, David Suchet, who played Poirot. On returning to our cabin, which had been prepared for the night, we settled into our bunks, full of anticipation for our arrival in Venice the next day.

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