On arriving in London

On arriving in London, we stayed with close friends and after a couple of days sightseeing, it was time to make our way to London Victoria for embarkation. The excitement was palpable with passengers, several in period costume, chatting expectantly on the platform. We boarded the British Pullman but not before the porter offered to take our photograph in front of the train – a delightful touch. Plush crested mats at the foot of each carriage welcomed passengers into the beautifully detailed and individually named cars; ours was Perseus. We were escorted to an elegantly laid table with crisp white linens, crystal Champagne glasses, fine bone china and polished silverware. We were welcomed on board; Champagne was poured and a sumptuous brunch was served as the train left the platform. We relaxed in our comfortable wing back chairs, raised our glasses in a toast to one another, and celebrated the start of our romantic journey. Before we knew it, the train arrived at the coast and on alighting we were greeted by a jazz band. A short trip by coach brought us to the Eurotunnel, destined for France.

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