Johannesburg and Maun

Several flights later, with connections in Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Maun, we were met at Maun airport by the lovely bright smiles of the safari lodge representatives, a promising sign of the warm hospitality to follow. Our itinerary included three magnificent Belmond camps, Khwai River, Savute Elephant and Eagle Island. Our connection with nature was instant. On the first attempt to land at the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, the pilot pointed to a pride of lions enjoying an afternoon snooze on the landing strip. We realized then and there we were their guests, privileged to be visiting their wild habitat. Finally, we landed, disembarking to the expanse and silence of the savannah. We couldn’t help but smile on seeing a crooked wooden sign welcoming us to ‘Gate 3, Terminal 5’. Greetings and introductions, chilled towels, iced water, our luggage whisked away and we were on route to the lodge. Minutes later, we slowed as our Land Rover passed an elephant reaching up for acacia branches, completely indifferent to our presence. It was impossible not to feel a little emotional. Then again, it was funny, how after only a few days, we got used to seeing elephants daily. I can’t really describe my feelings on seeing an elephant walking through the restaurant as we enjoyed lunch. Or, seeing a baby elephant hiding in the bushes next to our tented lodge. Or, having a full-grown male elephant leaning against our lodge at night, sleeping and snoring louder than my husband. Now, back at home, I miss having them around.

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