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Our modules cover the full spectrum of hotel operations and guest experiences. Focused on half-day sessions, each UpFront Module delivers a proprietary and interactive mix of training methodologies.



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Role Plays

Delegates engage in simulated real world scenarios, designed to promote active participation and experiential learning. It provides a safe environment to experiment with different approaches to build confidence and increase problem solving skills.

Course materials are delivered by experienced trainers in a classroom setting designed to enhance comprehension, retention, and application of the information presented.Delegates will take notes, ask questions, and actively participate in group discussions, all to reinforce their material retention.

Workshops are interactive learning environments created to engage delegates through hands-on activities, group discussions, and experiential learning. This approach will aide in the development of new skills, reinforcement of existing ones, and provides a safe space for receiving feedback from peers and trainers.

Using a variety of challenges and rewards delegates are motivated to learn and apply new skills in a fun, engaging and competitive way. This highly effective learning methodology improves retention and promotes skill transfer to real-world situations.

A powerful tool for learning, this dynamic and interactive medium engages the delegates’ senses and promotes increased understanding and retention of complex concepts. Its accessibility and flexibility make it a convenient and versatile tool within the UpFront Training program.

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