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Service Experience

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Each year we spend over 3,500 nights in luxury hotels to assess performance against 800 industry benchmark and emotional intelligence standards.

Excellence from

With 18 years of service data from over 25,000 luxury hotel assessments in 131 countries across 80 brands our insights, analytics, and benchmarking platform is unparalleled.

Perspective from

Our full-time Consultants interact with more than 1,000,000 client employees and spend over 5,000 hours each year engaged in personalized post-audit consultations with property leadership teams.

Thousands of LQA clients put our
intelligence to work everyday.

Realize your full potential with LQA

Our commitment to help clients achieve their ambition

Science with soul

We seek to understand the underlying emotions within every insight, strategy, and solution to get to the heart of what drives exceptional performance.

Evidence over intuition

We use consistent, objective, and intelligently fair analysis, combined with the power of qualitative and quantitative indicators to determine actionable insights.

Service you can feel

We consider every interaction to be a hallmark of our brand and treat our clients with the same appreciation and devotion they provide their guests.

More intelligent tools that drive stronger results

We're investing across five disciplines to help clients improve their service performance.

Our Consultants provide the care you deserve

Born with the hospitality gene, the average LQA Consultant is anything but average.

We are full-time professional consultants and hoteliers by profession.

Each of us have held a senior leadership position for a minimum of five years within a luxury hospitality brand.




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